Dental Tips for the Holiday in philly

Dental Tips for the Holiday Season

Let’s talk about Dental Tips for the Holiday since everyone is looking forward to the upcoming Christmas season. Our days are filled with time spent with family and friends, unwrapping gifts, and before we know it we are in the midst of our New Year’s resolutions.

Even though many people are excited to begin the new year, it’s important to make sure you maintain good oral hygiene, even though it may seem like a challenge. Here are eight beneficial dental tips on how to take care of your teeth during the holiday season.

1) Keep Up Your Regular Oral Hygiene Routine

Dental Tips for the Holiday

Remember to brush and floss your teeth before heading off for a good night’s rest amidst all the excitement, hustle and bustle, and fun you have had. We understand that after a long day, you may be tempted to neglect your regular dental care. However, it is imperative that you do not.

Christmas morning is certainly an exciting time for your young children, but it is essential that you supervise them while they brush their teeth for the full three minutes. This is the best protection against the onslaught of sugar that will be directed at their teeth.

Having a toothbrushing kit to take with you is one of the best ways to continue your regular oral hygiene routine when you are away from home. Stash this kit in your purse or travel bag when you go to a holiday party. It can even be used as a tool for situations where food is stuck between your teeth. It is highly recommended to carry a travel toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss or flossers.

It’s possible that you won’t follow these dental tips one hundred percent and won’t floss, brush, gargle or do the other activities associated with good dental hygiene properly during the holiday season.

Okay, you should make an appointment now for your post-holiday dental checkup and cleaning so you can start the new year with flawless, bright, cavity-free teeth.

2) Moderation Is the Word

During the holiday season, there are many types of sweet festive desserts, such as mince pies, Christmas cakes, and Christmas puddings, and they all add up. Their sugar content is usually quite high, although they taste very pleasant.

However, you do not have to completely give up these culinary delights. The main problem is not so much the total amount of sugar, but rather the frequency of consumption of sweet and acidic snacks per day. The risk increases if you put more sugar in your mouth each day than is typical for you.

You should try to reduce the number of sweets you eat. Snacking and drinking throughout the day creates an ideal environment for germs and plaque.

3) Drink Water and Eat Turkey and Cheese!

When the holiday season rolls around, it can be tempting to drink anything but water. However, a sufficient water intake will not only help you avoid a hangover and keep your body healthy, but it will also benefit your teeth. This is one of the most helpful dental tips your dentist can give you.

While water should not replace proper dental hygiene, it does help remove potentially harmful chemicals that would otherwise remain on your teeth. At the beginning of each day, drink a glass of water. Be sure to drink a glass of water between sips of wine, hot cocoa, and other holiday beverages you enjoy throughout the day.

Eating cheesecake for dessert is a wise choice, as cheese is actually very beneficial for your dental health. Feel free to indulge in a cheese plate after Christmas dinner, as cheese helps the mouth restore its normal acid balance, which lowers the risk of developing cavities. Turkey meat is also a healthy choice, because it protects against tooth decay and strengthens the teeth, as it contains both phosphorus and protein.

4) Be Careful With Alcohol

Everyone likes a glass or two of wine, but did you know that white wine can be very acidic, which can contribute to the erosion of tooth enamel? In addition, red wine can increase the risk of tooth discoloration.

We recommend drinking either red or white wine with the main course of your dinner. And if you have had several alcoholic beverages, don’t let the festivities distract you from brushing your teeth. It’s crucial to wait at least a few minutes before brushing your teeth so that stains can be removed.

According to dentists, just one glass of wine a day can dry out the mouth, reduce the calcium content of the teeth and lead to unpleasant bad breath. Alcohol consumption is also increasingly associated with an increased risk of oral diseases.

5) Use a Straw When You Drink

Dental Tips for the Holiday

To minimize sugar contact with your teeth, we recommend drinking with a straw. This will reduce the amount of sugar that is in direct contact with your teeth and reduce the risk of tooth decay.

6) Chew Sugar-free Gum

Chewing gum promotes saliva production, which in turn helps cleanse the mouth of food debris that may remain in the mouth after a meal. Another benefit of chewing gum is that it keeps your breath fresh, which is obviously very useful at parties. Always keep in mind that gum without sugar is preferable for the health of your teeth.

7) Your Teeth Are Not Scissors

Dental Tips for the Holiday in philly

Don’t try to use your teeth for things they weren’t meant for. Such as ripping open hard packaging and clothing labels or cracking open beer bottles. Instead, invest in tools that are made specifically for these tasks. This can damage your teeth and cause you to need emergency dental care. That’s the last thing you want on holiday!

8) Do Something Nice for Someone You Love

Gift-giving is appropriate on the holidays. Why not give a brand new electric toothbrush to yourself or a family member? We recommend changing your toothbrush regularly (whether it’s a manual toothbrush or an electric brush head). Over time, the bristles become frayed and worn, and the toothbrush’s ability to clean effectively diminishes.

Electric or battery-powered toothbrushes are superior to manual toothbrushes. They have a better ability in reducing plaque and gum disease over short and long periods. Improvements will be evident.

Bottom Line On the Dental Tips for the Holiday

During the holiday season, it can be easy for dental health to fall by temptations that surround you. We hope these dental tips will help you avoid trouble in the new year. Even better, make an appointment at our clinic right at the beginning of the new year. We will help you maintain the beauty and vitality of your smile.